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      WISENE Roof Monitoring 
      Large-area roof monitoring 

      First and unique in the world automatic roof monitoring system – the response of a large-surface roof structure to variable loads, e.g. snow, water, or change of permanent loads, e.g. change of roofing, additional installations or loads, etc.

      Roof structures monitoring. Roof structure monitoring system - increasing safety of use. The world of safe roofs.


      The innovative WISENE technology is the first and unique solution in the world to monitor the roof structure response to variable loads
      Roof structures monitoring. Roof structure monitoring system - increasing safety of use. The world of safe roofs.


      WISENE chroni ludzkie życie i mienie dużej wartości. Zwiększa bezpieczeństwo użytkowania obiektów handlowych, obiektów sportowych, zakładów produkcyjnych, magazynów.
      Roof structures monitoring. Roof structure monitoring system - increasing safety of use. The world of safe roofs.


      Rosnąca cena odśnieżania! Z WISENE Roof Monitoring możesz najczęściej z niego zrezygnować.

      Smart roof structure monitoring

      Intelligent System equipped with solutions for full self-diagnostics of the technical condition. Built-in intelligence algorithms allow the system to adapt to changing environmental conditions, auto-correction of key parameters, System-User interaction and automatic handling of deceptive phenomena.

      In each measurement session, the System performs full technical diagnostics. If irregularities are detected, they are automatically repaired, and in the event of an administrator’s intervention, he is immediately notified. The information is accurate and points to the specific device and the notification reason. In very specific cases, the actions to be performed. The system automatically changes the values ​​of operating parameters when a potential threat to the monitored structure is detected so that its functioning is optimal in a given situation. The system is equipped with an algorithm for handling phenomena that interfere with measurements. Most of the phenomena are handled automatically, and in the event of a threat to the security of the structure, the appropriate information is sent to the User along with a proposal of the desired actions.

      A picture of roof deflections monitotring device

      The world of safe roofs

      Unique technology uses direct methods of measuring vertical and angular displacements (physical quantities resulting directly from deflection) using Laser or Inclinometer Measuring Devices developed and patented by WISENE. WISENE Measuring devices are completely wireless: battery powered, using wireless radio communication, which allows any configuration and reconfiguration of the System in the space of the facility.
      The WISENE laser measurement is not only accurate but also extremely precise – it is completely immune to all of the structure movements except the measured displacement. The WISENE inclinometer measurement is characterized by high environmental resistance and can be used almost everywhere (full range of industrial temperatures, dust, moisture, freezing, etc.).


      square meters of protected area


      protected facilities

      WISENE Roof Monitoring

      A multi-stage, intelligent system for detecting and warning about potential risks of overloading the roof structure (threat to the safety of use of the facility) giving time to prepare preventive measures.

      Active Safety System

      Possibility of both local and remote access to all data and System parameters.
      Full autonomy – continuous operation in the event of a power outage and / or Internet access
      Capable of monitoring in different environmental conditions (temperature, dust, contamination, etc.).
      Notification (SMS, email, WWW, local indication lights) with forced interaction with the User – The system does not allow you to forget or skip information about important events
      Wireless Measuring Devices – the freedom to arrange and rearrange Measuring Devices in the facility space
      24/7 automatic and maintenance-free system


      Increase in the safety of people and property

      Is a direct result of the increased safety of using a large area facility with constant and reliable monitoring of the condition of the structure.

      Increased legal security

      Results from the application of WISENE Roof Monitoring, which in the vast majority of cases meets the requirements of the polish legislation “§ 204 ust. 7 Rozporządzenia Ministra Infrastruktury z dn. 12.03.2009 oraz przesłanki Art. 61 ust. 2 Ustawy Prawo budowlane”.
      View of the warehouse hall with roof deflection measuring devices


      Equipping the facility with the WISENE Roof Monitoring System allows generating significant operational savings by limiting:!

      Snow removal costs

      Removing snow from the roof only when it is really necessary; minimization of snow removal.

      The cost of repairing the roof coating and the equipment installed on it

      Each snow removal causes this type of damage.

      The time needed to manage the variable load on the roof

      Automatic and constant effort control of roof structure elements

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      WISENE Roof Monitoring provides services for over 1000 Users per day, in over 170 facilities by monitoring over 2’300’000 sq meters of roofs for industrial, logistics and commercial facilities in Poland and Europe

      CASTORAMA, IKEA, Faurecia, Renault, Mondelēz -Kraft Foods, JTI, Amcor, Clatronic, CCC, Reckitt Benckiser, UTC Aerospace, Thule, Carrefour, Decathlon, Arvato Bertelsmann, H&M, Invena, SC Johnson, Mondi, Abena, Balco, NorDan, Green Factory, Donauchem, Sunds Textiles, MrGarden (Stelmet), TECE, BCTW, Ponar Wadowice, PAC, Promag, HKL, Interdruk, Modi, GH Bursztynowa, Fabryka Broni „ŁUCZNIK”, ML Meble, ZM Kazimieruk, Global Expo, Rīgas Motormuzejs, RIMI.

      Costumers logos: IKEA, H&M, Castorama, Mondelez, Thule, Decathlon, Collins Aerospace, CCC, Clatronic, Faurecia, Panattoni Europe


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