WiSeNe Ltd

WiSeNe Ltd was established in May of 2010. It is a Polish technological company that aims to design, develop, produce and sell the applications using Wireless Sensor Network [WSN] technology, implementing the original concept of Remote Monitoring Systems and Active Safety Systems to respond to continuously growing needs of care & safety.

WiSeNe Ltd will develop and promote innovative Systems, that identify potential security hazards and possibly generate savings instead of only informing about the hazardous occurrence and limiting losses!

The company offers the first innovative product compatible with this concept – automatic, laser system for monitoring roof structures, commercially named “the WiSeNe® System” – the first such solution in Poland and in the world. WiSeNe Ltd is the sole manufacturer and supplier of that System.

In the 2010/2011 winter season the WiSeNe® System was commercially installed in the first two facilities and operates there uninterruptedly to this day. So far the System has been selected as the roof monitoring system in several dozen facilities in Poland and abroad.



Chief Executive Officer:

Edward Antoszkiewicz
+48 608 601 807

Chief Technology Officer:

Marcin Osiniak

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