What is the WISENE Roof Monitoring System?

The WiSeNe® System is a system for automatic monitoring of parameters relevant to the safety of the roof structure of large-size construction which: measures the deflections and vertical displacements of the roof structure elements under variable loads, especially residual snow, automatically assesses straining state of the roof structure elements by comparing the measured values of […]

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Statistics of variable loads in the 2010/2016 winter season

Data describing the MEASURED deflections of roof structure under variable load in the facilities, in which WiSeNe® Systems are installed, in the winter season 2010 – 2016 are collected in the Table. Although the winter 2012/2013 was long, with significant snowfalls, only one time in one building the threshold L3 was exceeded and on this […]

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UE Projects

  Priority Axis 1. Research and development of new technologies Action 1.4 Support for special projects The Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013. Grants for innovation Project title: Development of the intelligent monitoring system for the roof construction of buildings at WiSeNe Ltd […]

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