Automatic monitoring of the roof structure and the periodic inspections

Automatic monitoring of the roof structure does not replace the periodic technical inspections of a building, especially those required by law, but also periodic inspections do not replace the automatic monitoring – these activities perfectly complement each other.

WiSeNe® System increases the safety of the facility, particularly during precipitation, especially snowfall.

Continuity of the System operation and archiving of measurement data can significantly support the periodic inspection procedures by identifying items that should be inspected more closely, especially when visibility of roof structure is limited. The ability to capture the value of permanent vertical displacements over extended time periods, what may be a result of permanent change of position with respect to a solid support, is particularly interesting case. Sometimes it can also be difficult to assess the state of the structure without objective measurements.

WiSeNe® System performs regular measurements of temperature, what allows to observe the temperature effect on the structure’s behavior over a sufficiently long period of time.


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