Implementation of roof structure monitoring in the building

The properties of the roof structure monitoring system in the building – the WiSeNe® System – are the synergy of two basic components:

  • The Implementation Project performed by the Designer of the building or the design engineer with the adequate knowledge of its structure,
  • a physical layer (hardware) of the WiSeNe® System.

The main parameters of the WiSeNe® System implementation in the building are determined in the Implementation Project. At first the structure’s elements, which displacements are to be measured (Monitoring Points), are indicated with their values of permissible deflections / displacements under the variable loads.

A designed number of measuring devices (specialized laser rangefinders), connected in the radio network and working under the supervision of a Central Unit, creates a physical layer of the WiSeNe® System in the building.

The Implementation Project is an integral part of the WiSeNe® System in the building. The physical layer of the WiSeNe® Systems realizes practically the designer’s Implementation Project in the facility.


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