Reliable measurement of roof structure straining

In order to automatically monitor the risk of roof structure overloading one can either measure the stress in roof structure elements (direct measurement of strain) or the deflection (direct measurement of vertical displacement, e.g. laser measurement) of the roof structure elements.

The more reliable picture of typical structure’s construction state is achieved by using deflections rather than stress. Deflections are far more robust to imperfection or heterogeneity of materials, structures and realizations. They are also straightforward, associated with elements straining state in the obvious and comprehensive way; they are the values occurring explicitly in the structure’s design projects.

Deflections are determined in our System by laser measurements of vertical displacements of structure elements. They are performed by an innovative, completely wireless measuring devices attached directly to the monitored elements.

The solutions used in our System provide high reliability of deflection measurements as well as a very low invasiveness and an exceptional simplicity of installation, expansion or modification.


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