WISENE Roof Monitoring in a nutshell

WISENE Roof Monitoring - installation visualisation Innovative system for automatic monitoring

response of building’s roof structure to variable loads, especially to the residual snow and rain water. Uses novel method of laser measurements of roof structure’s deflection under variable load. Measuring devices in the WiSeNe ® System are completely wireless: battery powered, radio communication.

Designed especially to support the maintenance of

large-area facilities with steel roof structures, particularly the constructions, for which the climatic loads are a significant part of their total load.

Performs the multi-stage detection and warning

about the risk of overloading the roof structure (threat to safe usage of facility) and gives time to prepare preventive actions. Warning system uses multiple information channels: SMS, e-mail, online website, lights.

Increases safety of the facility

by reliable identification of overloading risk by variable loads of the roof structure as well as by automatic notification of recognized risk.

Reduces costs of facility maintenance

through rational management of roof snow removal and minimizing the risk of damaging the roof’s cladding and installations during snow removal. Investment in the WiSeNe® System can return even in 1-2 seasons.

Archives measurement results

and information about every significant event in the System. Provides secure, remote access with a user-friendly interface through Internet as well as optional import of archival measurement data in the Microsoft Excel format. Provides centralized management of multiple monitored objects.

Does not require any modification

of the structure’s elements such as drilling, welding, etc. – installation of Measuring Devices is completely non-invasive and simple. Very easy, fast and inexpensive installation, modernization or expansion – installation of the WiSeNe® System is performed in one day in a typical hall with area of 10,000 m2.

Was chosen as automatic monitoring System

of steel roof structures in dozens of industrial and commercial facilities in Poland and Czech Republic, including: Faurecia, Renault, Mondelez (Kraft Foods), Clatronic, Ponar Silesia, HKL, Modi, international network of hardware retail stores, MPWiK Żywiec, Auchan and others.


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