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Aleksander Gawryś: +48 604 625 265

      About WISENE




      The WISENE company, founded by Edward Antoszkiewicz, Marcin Osiniak and Zbigniew Piórka, began operating in May 2010. WISENE is a Polish technology company whose goal is development, development, production and sale of applications in accordance with two basic concepts: IIoT and Active Security Systems, which are a response to the ever-growing needs of increasing security and generating operational savings.

      In 2011, the company, as a start-up, equipped the first industrial facility – CLATRONIC – with WISENE Roof Monitoring – an automatic system for monitoring roof structure elements – the first and unique solution of this type in the world. Further milestones in development were the FAURECIA, CASTORAMA, IKEA, CCC and JTI contracts as well as participation in PATI – Polish-American Innovation Week – with the presentation of technology in the Silicon Valley.

      Currently, WISENE is already a stable technology company, and WISENE Roof Monitoring has been selected (including contracts 2019) to monitor the roof structure in over 350 facilities with a total roof area of ​​approx. 4'000'000 sq m, serving over 1500 Users daily. WISENE develops and promotes innovative, active systems that detect potential security threats, and not only inform about the occurrence of a dangerous event, limiting losses only.

      WISENE creates a new global market with its unique technology and is the only producer and supplier of this solution. The key feature of the WISENE system is technological and metrological credibility, which currently distinguishes WISENE on the market, both in Poland and in the world.