Polish Chamber of Steelwork

We are pleased to announce that starting from 2017-07-01 Wisene sp. z o.o. has become a member of the Polish Chamber of Steelwork.

Affiliation with such a respectable organization is an honour.


We are in the last phase of negotiations for installing WiSeNe Systems in the complex of warehouses owned by one the biggest Polish stock-exchange-listed companies.

With our Business Partners we are finishing preparing installations in several buildings with combined area of 40 000 m2.

We have a date set for our first realization with our Partners in Baltic countries.

Research and developement

In May of 2014 WiSeNe was granted a Polish Agency for Enterprise Development funding for a project involving creating a B2B platform within the 8.2 Innovative Economy “Support for the implementation of electronic business of the B2B type” project.

In February of 2014 we began the realization of a research and development project. We applied for funding from Polish Agency for Enterprise Development within the 1.4 Innovative Economy “Support for goal-oriented projects” project.


In May of 2014 WiSeNe was granted a „Monitoring method of vertical displacement and vertical deflection change of building construction elements, especially of the roof, and a system for realization of this method” patent by United States Patent and Trademark Office.

In December of 2013 was granted “A set for fastening of measuring device, particularly rangefinder, to monitored element of building construction, especially of the roof, fastening method of measuring device using such set and suspension for fastening of measuring device” patent by Poland’s Patent Office.

In December of 2013 was granted “Method of detecting mechanical equilibrium of a measuring device suspended above its center of gravity" patent by Poland’s Patent Office.

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